Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Installing Linux on an Acer System

Dual Booting in UEFI on Acer Systems

Hey guys, writing after a long time....
The method to Dual Boot Linux (Kali Linux 2016.2) alongside Windows 10 which I gave works on most of the systems available
  1. HP -- one of the most compatible
  2. ASUS
, but probably NOT ON ACER && DELL.

If you are able to run it on any such machines, do tell me in the comments, and if not, I'm writing the method to dual boot on an Acer laptop.
So, let's start ...

Keep in mind that I'm giving the method to Dual-Boot on ACER Systems, in UEFI boot mode


  1. A bootable USB, with the linux live distro of whichever you like, but only in UEFI Mode
  1. Turn off your System
  2. Power on System, and boot it up using the bootable USB
  3. Follow the method I gave in my other posts, of how to install the linux,
    Though I made it for Kali
    but, the procedure is more or less the same for most of Debian based ditros,
    Fedora & REHL based linux are little bit different
  4. Now, restart the system, but carefully,...
  5. Press the key
    as soon as your system reboots,
  6. You should enter the Boot Menu of your laptop
  7. Now use your Right arrow key to go to the third page ie -- Security
  8. First of all you need to set the Supervisor Password -- set it.
  9. Now go to the Secure Boot Options ---
    Selecting an UEFI File as trusted for executing
  10. Press Enter ---
    Select your Hard Disk Drive
    Goto the folder named
  11. Now, there should be a folder with the name of Ubuntu (or Kali or Debian or whatever Linux you've installed)
  12. Press Enter ---
    There must be a file with the name of
  13. Select that file ---
    It'll now ask you to enter the Name and save it
  14. Do this and exit
  15. Now go to the fourth page
  16. Disable Secure Boot
  17. Now restart
First of all boot into Windows, and see that everything is going on well.
Now restart, and press the key
You should be able to see the UEFI Boot entry of your linux installation.

Congratulation on your successful installation of Linux on an Acer Laptop.

Post any problem or anything you need to know in the comments.
I assure you to reply asap.


  1. Hi, first of all thanks for the guide but i have a problem, after i install kali and reboot the system and press F12, when i select grub and then when i click on kali GNU/linux the screen stops and shows "Loading initial ramdisk..."
    Then i have to turn the pc off with the power button
    I have an Acer swift 3

    1. What I can guess is that you haven't "DISABLED THE SECURE BOOT", or it may be the case that Kali Linux is not properly installed.
      I can't say anything without a screenshot(or something like that).
      Try to first Disable secure boot, if you haven't.

      Post some screenshot of the errors.
      Then, I'll guide you further.

  2. Nice guide for Dual Boot Kali Linux in windows. I think step by step guide are helpful as playing video on Youtube.

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  4. What Acer Laptop did you test this on?

    Thank you!

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  6. Thanks for your guidance ! I have Acer travelmate P249-M and this has helped me to boot into Kali as well as Windows ! Could you please show the way to directly boot into grub menu ? As it is much cool looking 😎

  7. I am an acer es1 432 laptop user with Intel Celeron, in the bios settings I did not find the UEFI option, can you help me?

  8. I'm having Windows 10 installed on an SSD, and I'm trying to install Kali v2020.4 on another HDD, both installed on the same laptop, Acer Aspire 5 A515-52G.

    The issue is, I can't find the HDD on the Security tab, where I'll select the grubx64.efi file

  9. Hardisk not visible in installation